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Endless List of Beautiful Footballers: Sergio Ramos

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Real Madrid training: Full Team - 05.08.2014

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What do you feel when you wear this shirt? 

- Knowing it’s the most important jersey in the history of football, to wear it demands responsibility. Every year you have to give your maximum to perform well and to please all the madridistas around the world.

On winning La Décima

Witnessing the happiness of the fans at the stadium in Lisboa after all the suffering, then the celebrations back in Madrid… was very emotional. Any player would have been thrilled by that. 

- Iker Casillas listens to the sounds of La Décima | (inspiration

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50 Pictures of La Decima - 25/50 

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Players + La Copa.

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You just got pictures spammed! -Toni Kroos

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Kevin Großkreutz instagram ft. Marco Reus

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Show-offs | August 8, 2014

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