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My very first acting gig … you know what, I tried to find it online and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Just out of curiosity. I did a commercial when I was like 5 or 6 years old for … what was it called?… Cabbage Patch Kids! That was the first thing I ever did. Little bit embarrassing.”

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requested by fabrecas.

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El Sucesor de Messi?
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The living legend. 

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"I want to try directing too, whenever that comes. I have a book that I'm interested in, and I possibly want to try to adapt the screenplay myself. I figure I can adapt a book and then have somebody come in and completely fix it for me. But, you know, I want to try some directing someday, and I am definitely going to stick with acting."

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Iker Casillas quotes; inspired by (x)

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